Join A Small Army And Let Your General Lead You To Workout War

Remember when you were younger and you had that pesky little brother, sister or friend who just wouldn’t give you a break? And after they did you wrong you were as determined as a knight on his high horse to get back at them? Now you can get that level of determination and you won’t have to go it alone! You and your comrades will gather every week for a physical and emotional pump as you work alongside one another and getting high on results. Not to mention, you get training from the pro’s and their secret nutrition plans 😉


This Is What You Get From Each Group Training:

You’ll be feeding off the energy of your peers and also feeling the high of competitive training.

With your training will come target-specific results, anything from sustainable weight loss to a happy, healthy lifestyle – whatever you want, we got you covered!


Each week the group will gather 2-3 times for a 60 min workout that includes:


  • 20-minute Active Warm-up: We up your power output and make you light

on your feet.

  • 20 Minutes Strength Training: We make your movements more productive.

Simple as that.

  • Adaptable Training: Adjust the workload to compliment your skill level

and help you progress quicker over time.

  • 10 Minutes Intense Conditioning: Burn fat while increasing stamina.



Keep Your Drive At 200mp/h

The awesome thing about group training is that you’re never alone.

Your team will push you and keep you going long after your knees start to buckle.

You Get Access To:

  • All-inclusive professional coaching
  • Energized workouts
  • Peer pressure (For when your batteries run low)
  • Encouragement which leads to success and ultimate fulfillment
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Your confidence skyrockets after every workout. You can’t deny it. You feel great
and you can’t wait to make it happen again, and again. You don’t even need to be
all that experienced.

We take you from zero to Hero in record time. No wonder Rockville is raving about us!

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