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Results – They Take Longer Than You Think

It seems a universal problem. Something we’ve all experienced – and yet can’t seem to avoid. Our ambitions almost always exceed our abilities. We set goals that are not realistic.

But why?

Why does it seem that our actions don’t meet our expectations?

While this can apply to nearly every aspect of our lives – the experience is universally understood when related to our pursuit of health. Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, endurance creation or power production – we underestimate the effort needed to reach the goal.

We hope for and demand results quickly. A week – a month – a year – we rarely accomplish as much as we believe we will. So what can we do to avoid the trap of expectation?

Eliminate the timeline.

There is no good reason to put a time limit on what we’re working toward. Maybe setting a date to reach our goal will keep us honest and on track – but maybe it will hurt our efforts as well.

What happens when our goal date arrives and we haven’t accomplished what we had hoped?

Typically – it impacts our motivation. We believe we’ve failed.

But we haven’t failed.

We just got the timeline wrong.

Instead, try this:

1. Identify the goal.
2. Identify the actions needed to get there
3. Put your head down and work

Eventually, one day, the reflection in the mirror will be exactly what was imagined.

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