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Why I chose semi-private training over the other training options

There are many options out there for people to choose from for their health and fitness. We are going to focus on semi-private.


When I decided to open Prepare For Performance, I chose semi-private training because of the experience from a previous job and the goal of working with more people throughout the day then a select number of hours.


I believe in semi-private training, you create a learning and supportive environment for your members and athletes, and provide quality coaching for each person.


Why Semi-private?


Semi-private personal training is essentially an option that fits between one-on-one personal training and the large fitness boot camps


Semi-private training involves a small group of 2-6 people training at once following there program by one coach. There is more accountability which leads to a bigger impact on their performance and results.



This is a big difference from a large group setting where there are 10 sometimes 20 people in the fitness class or boot camp. You will get a lot more attention and time from the coach.

Another benefit of semi-private training is that you have full access to all the equipment in the facility, no large crowds or feeling lost because of the attention you get from the coach.


The question that always comes up in a conversation about the training we do here is the cost of semi-private training. Since there is more attention from the coach, the training sessions will range from $30-$40/session. These sessions are an hour long and the frequency per week can be up to 2-3 times.

In comparison to one on one training and boot camp


When comparing semi-private training to one on one training, there is a lower cost of entry and you will get the same work out for a lower cost.


When an individual goes from one on one training the conversation with them typically is about cost and if they have any friend that would be interested in being there workout partner. If that is not an option we match the individual with a workout partner that is a good match and have the same work ethic and motivation.


Even though a boot camp may be lower cost to entry than semi-private training, the reason I recommend that prospective clients give it a try is that when you go to a boot camp it is quantity (# of people) vs the quality of the training.


What happens is because there are so many people the quality of training is not the best, form and technique are typically not watched over by the trainer as you would get from semi-private training.


Look I am not discounting one on one training or boot camp, there is a place for all training options. From experience at a big box gym and private companies, many just want to work out, which is great, but I feel that when you are performing the exercise properly through all ranges of motion, and making sure it does not look like crap, then you will get better results and faster results.


Rather than just going through the motions and get your sweat on, you will look better and you will lower your risk of getting injured which will ensure that you do not miss workouts.

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