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Eggs: Why you should eat more of them!

Remember the 90s? It was a time when we all wore plaid, bands stopped playing instruments, and dietary fat was public enemy #1. So much has changed since then, at least in the nutrition department. We now understand how necessary fat is in our diets and get it from more sources than ever before. But what about eggs? Are yolks safe to eat or not?

Eggs: A Mystery of Science

For years, science told us that eggs were bad. Well, their whites were okay, but STAY AWAY FROM THE YOLKS! The yolks were a source of cholesterol, after all, and cholesterol is DEADLY. Since then, we’ve learned that dietary cholesterol doesn’t necessarily equal high cholesterol in the body. Eggs are back on the menu!

To Separate or Not To Separate: What Does Paleo Say?

As you know, the Paleo diet focuses on foods our ancestors ate. Luckily for us, this includes eggs. But should you include the yolk on Paleo? The answer is a resounding YES! Not only does Paleo favor eating whole foods, it also understands the benefits of eating foods with saturated fat and cholesterol. Saturated fat actually reduces lipoprotein which, in turn, can reduce the risk of coronary atherosclerosis. It can also help with bone strength, organ health, and immunity. As for cholesterol, it’s important for hormone production, digestion, brain function, and the use of Vitamin D in the body.

So, it seems those yolks that we threw away for so many years were actually an incredible nutritional powerhouse. They contain nearly all the vitamins and minerals we need, and are FULL of antioxidants. Egg whites, on the other hand, have few nutrients, apart from protein. Put them together, and you’ve got an incredible nutritional boost.

The Nutrition In One Egg:
  • 80 calories
  • 7g of protein
  • 6 grams of fat
  • One of the best sources of choline (which actually reduces cholesterol levels in the body)
  • Good source of Vitamins B2, B12, selenium, and sulfur
What kind of eggs should I get?

Whenever possible, choose organic, cage-free eggs. This ensures they have no added antibiotics or hormones and come from happy, healthy chickens. It turns out that healthy chickens produce healthier eggs: they’re higher in omega 3 fatty acids, and other nutrients.

Do you include eggs in your diet? I sure do! If you have any questions about the Paleo diet, come talk to me sometime. Sign up for your FREE trial now, and I’ll see you at the gym!

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