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POV on Commercials Gyms

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – sometimes I visit corporate gyms to work out. Not because I need a break from my own gym, no. As a performance coach, trainer, and business owner, I find it helps me clarify what I want to do as a trainer, and what I absolutely DO NOT want to do.

While there are some corporate trainers who are good at what they do, I feel like many of them are just going through the motions. From what I see at various gyms in my area, these trainers aren’t doing the necessary work to educate themselves on techniques or improve their methods as we learn more about the science of movement.

For example, I’ll see corporate trainers forcing people to do push ups on their knees, focusing on single joint exercises or allowing their clients to do movements improperly without correcting them. I mean, maybe they like the look of a rounded spine but, more likely, they just haven’t done the work to learn about proper alignment.

I never want to disrespect these corporate trainers in front of their clients, but it bothers me that these clients are paying thousands of dollars a month, and blaming themselves when they aren’t getting results. If you’re not sure if you’re getting the best training, here are some signs that you may need a new trainer:

Range of Motion

In many of the sessions I’ve witnessed, corporate trainers are focusing too much on weight and not enough on range of motion. You should be working through your full range of motion, and your trainer should be assisting you to do so. I would rather see someone go through the proper range of motion with no weight and hit all the muscle than execute a partial motion with weight that the client cannot move correctly.

Single Joint Exercises

The latest research shows that you’ll get a far more effective workout by incorporating body weight exercises into your routine, as opposed to single joint exercises. Why would you waste your time working out one muscle at a time when you can work multiple muscles with a single body weight exercise? Trainers should know which muscle groups are being hit by which exercises, and maximize your time to hit as many as possible.

Are you getting help on the floor?

One really unfortunate thing I’ve noticed at corporate gyms is the lack of assistance for individuals on the floor. When I worked in a corporate environment, I understood that I needed to interact with people to help them achieve results. At the very least, trainers should understand that talking with people on the floor leads to more paying clients. If they’re not even interested in boosting their roster, what are they doing there?

I’m all about building relationships with people. The more you talk with people, and the more you help them through their training, the better a trainer you become. Learning where people have difficulties in their workouts forces you to get creative and develop methods for overcoming them. That’s why I eventually opened my own space – so I could take what I’ve learned and actually help people achieve their goals.

If you’re frustrated with corporate training, and are tired of feeling like you’re the reason you’re not seeing results, I’m here to help. Sign up now for a FREE introductory training, and let’s get you the results you’ve been looking for.

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