We all have dreams of having three Instagram-perfect meals per day. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time or the energy to get all the nutrients we need in a day, let alone make it look beautiful. The beautiful part I can take or leave – I’m more concerned about fuel. If I’m not fueling my body properly, I’m not operating at peak performance. So what do you do when your diet just isn’t enough?

My friends at Advocare have created a line of supplements that can help you meet all your nutritional needs. Not sure where to start? Let’s break down the most important ones that most people should be taking.


Any athlete knows that protein is important. Whether you’re just trying to meet your basic needs (the average sedentary man and woman need 56 and 45 grams per day, respectively) or fuel for performance, having a protein supplement on hand can make a big difference.

I like Advocare’s Muscle Gain. It contains 25g of three kinds of protein, specially balanced for whatever your day brings. It also contains supporting nutrients like vitamin C, B6, and calcium, to support your body in all its functions.

Calcium and D3

As athletes, sometimes we focus SO much on our muscle strength that we forget to take care of our bones – until one breaks, that is. Advocare’s Calcium and D3 helps to keep your bones strong, with the help of magnesium and vitamin K. These nutrients together not only support stronger bones and teeth, but can help with mood, energy, and many other functions, as well.

Omega 3

We’ve talked about omega 3 fatty acids before, and how they can help your body fight inflammation. But they’re good for so much more than just that. Advocare’s OmegaPlex contains both DHA and EPA (the forms of omega 3 most easily used by our bodies) to help boost immunity, benefit your cardiovascular health, and so much more.

If your skin has been problematic this winter, you may be especially low in this important nutrient, so pick up a bottle today!


The more we learn about our digestive systems, the more we recognize our need for probiotics. Did you know that the number of bacteria living in your body actually outnumber your own cells? This means you’re more bacteria than, well, you. If that bacteria isn’t in balance, you can open yourself up to a host of problems.

Supplementing with a probiotic can help restore that balance. It’s especially important after you’ve done a round of antibiotics – those don’t discriminate between the good and bad bacteria, they just wipe it all out.

Studies have shown links between probiotics and digestive health, mental health, and so much more. You’re not just what you eat, but what you digest, so working on your digestion is a great place to start.

Meal Replacement

While I recommend getting most of your nutrients from real food, I recognize that sometimes you need a meal replacement shake to get you through. This one from Advocare blends protein with carbohydrates (including fiber) in a 1:1 ratio, and boasts 26 additional vitamins and minerals to keep you fueled up.

Eating right can be hard. If you’re struggling, consider checking out these options to get you through your day. Once your body is properly fueled, you’ll be amazed at the gains you can make in the gym. When you’re ready, sign up for your free trial, and we’ll get you started!